Where to find the Hérens cows this summer

The Hérens cows are the other emblem of the Val d'Hérens. They are also a symbol of the mountain life in Valais

  • During the inalpes : Thyon, Mandelon
  • During the alpine season : Mandelon , Essertze and all the alpine pastures of the Valais
  • Along the Lac des Dix where the heifers graze freely all summer long
  • At the Champasse Farm in Euseigne for visits and tastings
  • In the heart of the Mayens of the Val des Dix

From May until the first snow, you will meet them in the meadows and mayens, on the mountain pastures and even on the shores of the Lac des Dix lake.

The Hérens cows are the other emblem of the Val d’Hérens. They are also a symbol of the mountain life in Valais. With their short legs and its stocky side, they are at ease on slopes and easily climb up to 3000 m of altitude where they maintain our alpine landscapes. With their dark black coat, muscular body, strong horns and expressive eyes, they are easily recognizable. With a lively and quarrelsome temperament, the Hérens cows are fighters. Keep your eyes peeled, perhaps during a walk, you will witness a horn-to-horn duel.

But do you know why they fight?

They fight instinctively to determine the leader of the herd. They are fighters by nature.

During spring, you will come across the Hérens cows in the meadows between villages and mayens where they graze until they go up to the mountain pastures, at the inalpe. If you dream of attending these cow fights and meeting the lovers of the Hérens cows, the inalpe is an appointment not to be missed. A strong moment of the alpine tradition where cows fight in a natural arena. Since immemorial times, the Mandelon mountain pasture has been the scene of these meetings, one of the most beautiful mountain pastures in the Valais with an exceptional view. From the end of June to the beginning of August, the Hérens cows are on summer holiday in Mandelon. Every evening, the owners come to visit their cows for moments of complicity. If there were to be a unique moment to meet the Hérens cows and share this passion, it could well be at the Mandelon mountain pasture.

At the beginning of August, they will go to the Essertze mountain pasture, on the opposite slope, where they will stay until the beginning of autumn before going back down to the meadows.

All summer long, you will often come across them on your hiking trails. Attached and close to humans, they will come to meet you. Don’t be afraid!

x The access road to the Grande Dixence site is closed in winter. We look forward to seeing you in june 2024. Information and group bookings : visites@grande-dixence.ch
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